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Oz VeHadar Shas - Medium Size
Oz VeHadar Shas - Medium Size

Oz VeHadar Shas - Medium Size

This beautiful Oz V'Hadar Medium Shas is a real master piece! Bound to last with a stong special designed cover, and printed with new clear letters, adding an extra pleasure to the learning.

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Product Details

20 volumes
Shas Size: 9"x12.25"
  • Entirely new typesetting & clear print of the Gemara, Rashi, Tosfos & other commentaries appearing on the Daf - with the original Vilna page layout
  • Bold Rashi 'Divrei Hamaschil'
  • Entirely new typesetting of all the Rishonim & Achronim in the back of the Gemara (including the Rif & Mordechai)
  • A "Yalkut Mefarshim" brings you other Perushim retyped and typeset according to the order of each Daf
  • Additional commentaries which were not included in previous prints of the Oz VeHadar Shas

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